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The Balm of Gilead

Welcome to the Mercyland Ministries International web site. Foremost, this ministry is dedicated to the preaching of the Gospel world wide through demonstration of resurrection power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Balm of Gilead is the Healing ministry that carries Bayo and his wife Julie around the world. They are at very high demand in this aspect.

The Lord has empowered the use of anointing oil in their hands to heal and deliver the oppressed by faith and through faith. The kingdom of hell is being devastated through their healing ministry. They go to cities and nations of the world to hold healing services and meetings, where a lot of the terminally ill are brought back to life, and many people that are oppressed and depressed are delivered to the glory of God.

If you need Bayo and Julie in your church, group or fellowship, you can contact them on the telephone numbers provided on the Contact page or you can use either of the following e-mail addresses to reach them:



revbayoyusuff @mercylandministries.org